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It's Christmas! Silis Gift Guide


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With Christmas just around the corner (scary, we know!) it's time to get set for the party season, as things are about to get real sparkly.

It is the season for dressing up and we cannot wait to make the most of it. With Christmas work parties, family events, New Year’s Eve and so many more festivities, you know your social calendar is about to get pretty hectic.

Now is the time to get organised in style and plan some killer outfits, not forgetting the most important part of course – the wow finishing touches. No Christmas outfit is complete without dazzling SILIS bracelets. Lucky for you you’re in the right place and we’re always here to help spread the Christmas sparkle!



'Tis the season for gold and glitter.
Gold exudes confidence and authority, it ensure that you’re the centre of attention. With gold you’re always making a statement. It’s the colour of opulence and power. However gold doesn’t have to be overpowering; if you style it right Gold can add just a subtle touch of brightness to your look. Find your favourite gold bracelets in our SILIS collection and add bold gold and sparkly pieces to your outfit to get that gold Christmas party look.



Black is always a good idea! And black jewellery is so chic! Black is the most sophisticaded metal of the four metals and represents restraint and understated opulence. This coulor works best with night-time party looks and adds a touch of edginess to any outfit! Combined with sparkly black crystals, our collection black SILIS bracelets will give a flawless touch to your black party look!



La vie en rose...also when it's Christmas.
Rose gold accessories, rose gold nails and just about everything else have become a slam-dunk sign of glam. From the darling lifestyle blogger to the conservative corporate woman, rose gold is the new best friend of girls and women everywhere. We love the soft glow and romantic feel about rose gold. Add some pink glitter and glam to your upcoming Christmas party, and finish your outfit with our selection of rose gold SILIS bracelets.



We at SILIS just love silver bracelets. Silver has a very sexy yet sleek feel to it, there’s a certain feminine energy to the colour.  Of the four metals, silver is the most versatile, it fits perfectly with most colours. Depending on your personal taste, Silver can be understated and elegant or bold and blingy. Perfectly for your upcoming silver Christmas party. We love pieces with diamond-like crystals set in silver metal, it makes us feel almost royal!


Written by Karen Bussé - 10-12-2017 13:36

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