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Hello May, a little Summer getaway!

Hello May,

a little summer getaway!

Summer keeps us waiting over we decided to take a little getaway. Where the sun stands high on a blue sky. Hello sunny, beautiful Portugal!

Welcome to the Algarve.


Did you know that the Algarve has the most stunning beaches? Beautiful shores with incredible nature and a gorgeous blue sea.

Yes this is what we needed! Beachlife, including my coral bikini, my musthave SILIS beachbag and my matching armcandy. Can we please stay forever?
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As you know we are real foodies!

And oh boy does the Algarve has it all! We tried many delicious local dishes! Fish, clams, cataplana, bacalhau, dorade,...we tried it all. One of our favourites is this pure dish :
ameijojas. So pure, so good!
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The Algarve has many beautiful colors. Well, all colors look better on a blue sky :-)
But oh did we love the pastel colored buildings. Absolutely gorgeous. Each day we could find colored buildings matching my armcandy of the day. How cool is that?
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Written by Karen Bussé - 18-05-2017 13:29

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